45 children from Primary 6 and 4 teachers from Jesuïtes Sarrià – Sant Ignasi arrived on Sunday 17th at Herd Farm Residential for a 5-day visit to the three partner schools in Knaresborough – Meadowside Primary School, St John’s and Aspin Park School. What an amazing time full of fun activities!

After initial icebreakers the children soon made new friends with the boys and girls at school. There was a variety of carefully planned activities at each school including a guided tour of Knaresborough and afternoon tea with local families. On the last day our students did some fantastic presentations on different aspects of our school and culture in our city.

As a group we went to the medieval city of York. We really enjoyed York’s Chocolate Story and shopping in the Shambles.

The grand finale was a karaoke disco night at Herd Farm. All in all a wonderful project!